Apartments: 10 Awesome Tricks that Will Change the Way You Clean


Apartment life is all about comfort and convenience; so we’re all about sharing the little tips and tricks that will make life even more comfortable and convenient for you. Here are some of our newest favorite life hacks that we’re sure you’ll want to add to your repertoire!


Tough zipper? Rub the wax from a white, unscented candle gently on each side just enough to slightly coat the zipper’s teeth for a smoother zip.


Use nail polish remover to clean scuffs and stains off of light-colored rubber sneaker soles.


Get your suede shoes and jackets cleaner with a nail brush and a white pencil eraser! Start by brushing stains gently with a clean, dry nail brush. Next, rub more tenacious spots with the white eraser.


Rub a thin layer of car wax on the inside surfaces of your bathroom sinks after cleaning. Not only will it leave them super shiny, but it’ll make them repel water and toothpaste and leave them easier to clean the next time around!


Make your stainless steel kitchen appliances super shiny and streak-free by wiping down with Pledge furniture spray.


Do you have a pet that sheds? Use a big rubber squeegee to “wipe” pet hair off of carpets and furniture like magic.


Dust your baseboards with dryer sheets. Not only will they pick up the dust and dirt, but they’ll leave behind a thin coat of their anti-static ingredient, which will repel dust and keep them cleaner longer!


You already know that your dishwasher is great for washing dishes. Did you know that its top rack is also a perfect place to clean and sanitize hard plastic and rubber toys? Pet toys, too!


Fill your kitchen sink with cool water and a cup of vinegar and let your fruits and veggies soak for 10 minutes before rinsing to help remove wax, dirt, and pesticides. This trick also helps keep berries from molding, so your strawberries will last much longer in the fridge.


Remove hard water stains from your sink and tub fixtures by rubbing them with half a lemon. They’ll be shinier and smell great, too!


Buy a dish-washing wand (the kind with a hollow handle that holds dish soap and a sponge/scrubber head) and fill with one third dish soap and two-thirds vinegar for an easy tub/shower/sink bathroom cleaning wand!


Keep a can of compressed air (the kind you use to blast dust out of your computer keyboard) in your cleaning kit and use it to blast dust off of your bathroom ceiling vent.


De-pill your clothes—especially sweaters and other knits—by shaving gently with a disposable razor then giving them a pass with a lint roller.


Dust the slats of your window blinds by using an old, clean sock as a dusting mitten, sprayed lightly with Endust or another all-purpose cleaning spray. Be sure to wipe down both sides!


Remove stubborn soap scum from the bathtub by spraying on a solution of one part vinegar to one part dawn dish soap. Let it sit for an hour then wipe your tub clean!



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