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There probably are busy apartment-dwellers who jump out of their soft, warm beds in the morning eager to start their day; but most of us aren’t them. That doesn’t mean, however, that the rest of us can’t create routines that make the alarm going off just a little easier to take and the idea of getting on with the rest of the day much more appealing. It might take a little trial and error for you to settle on the routine that works best for you; but here are a few elements that you can consider adding to your morning routine that will address some of the important basics of a busy life: working in a little exercise, keeping a tidy apartment home, being good to your body and making the most of your time.Businessman jumping in the air


  1. Before you even get out of bed, sit up and drink some water. Our bodies are about 60-70% water (85% of our brains, 75% of our muscles, 25% of our bones and 82% of our blood), and many of us don’t consume enough of it throughout the day to keep ourselves optimally hydrated. Adding water to your body first thing in the morning is a good way to signal your entire self that sleep is over and it’s time to get going; and it means that the first thing you do every morning will be something that’s good for you. I like to add a fresh bottle of water to my bedside table every night before I go to bed; and while I don’t condone the waste of disposables, it can be a handy shortcut to keep a stash of bottled waters under the nightstand. The key is to just get the water into you, by whatever means works best for you.


  1. Make your bed. Your mother was right … everything worth doing is worth doing well, and that means paying attention to the little details that make up a well-organized life, home and day. You don’t have to make your bed ready for a quarter-bouncing military inspection; but you do have to make it not look slept-in anymore. Take the two minutes required to straighten and tuck in your sheets; fluff up and arrange your pillows; pull up the blanket, quilt or comforter; and create a neat, inviting sleeping place to crawl into at the end of your busy day. Another benefit of a well-made bed is that it creates incentive for you to keep the rest of your room neat and clean; and a clean room makes your whole apartment more inviting, comforting and live-able.


  1. Get up and move. A lot of busy people find mornings to be the best time to add exercise to their routines. This is particularly true when exercise doesn’t mean leaving home. If you’re lucky enough to live in an apartment community that includes a fitness center, head on over and spend just a few minutes on your favorite machine. When it comes to exercise, every minute counts; so even fifteen minutes on an exercise bike, treadmill or elliptical machine will get your muscles warmed up and primed, jumpstart your heart and get you in the right mind frame for a great day. Of course you don’t need a fitness center to get a great workout. There are plenty of exercise routines you can do in your own bedroom or living room (light yoga, stretching, jumping jacks, leg lunges etc.). And then there’s always what I like to call the “whole home workout” … housework!


  1. Seriously, do a little housework. I know it sounds corny, but a few minutes of housekeeping is actually great exercise. Granted, it’s no run on the treadmill; but scrubbing sinks, unloading the dishwasher, vacuuming, sorting laundry or mopping a floor all require effort and movement. And since it’s not the kind of work that will occupy your whole brain; housework in the morning also presents a great opportunity to get stuff done while you meditate, pray or plan the rest of your day. And your apartment stays tidier, too!


Now that you’re wide awake, move on to making it a great day!



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