Awesome San Antonio ice cream parlor gets even sweeter! #SanAntonio


Ice cream, gelato, and espresso have never been better than at Brindles Awesome Ice Cream, a locally owned and thoughtfully curated ice cream shop. New owners Jeff and Jennifer White have built a dynamic ice cream business that is as creative as they are.

Specializing in unique flavors, they put their multi-faceted talents to good use. Jeff, executive chef of Boiler House, and Jennifer, a longtime maven of hospitality, purchased the ice cream shop, which opened in 2001, one year ago. They have been steadily changing the ice cream landscape ever since.

Under new ownership, Brindles began connecting to restaurants almost immediately, with a robust wholesale program offering the many flavors required for an interesting menu. They make it easy for restaurateurs to find exactly what they’re looking for to complement their seasonal offerings — their specialty is creating specific flavors to complement brands.

As they expand and grow the business, they haven’t forgotten that summer is upon us, and they have new offerings to celebrate the occasion. Ice cream sandwiches are rolling out in a variety of cookie flavors, like peanut butter, white chocolate macadamia, M&M, and chocolate chunk. We’ll take one of each, please.

Puppy pops are coming soon too. Because we are a city that loves our pups, and because Brindles understands the love of of our furry friends, the patio is pet-friendly, and they are now launching a dog-safe, broth-based popsicle.

In addition to the shop on Huebner Road, you can find Brindles all over town, providing tasty fun for ice cream lovers with special event ice cream catering. It seems as though all of the pieces have come together, with every delicious detail attended to.

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