Apartment Bathroom Walls with Style


You could let your shower curtains do the heavy lifting when it comes to bathroom decor, but why pass up additional opportunities to make a statement We have borrowed a few apartment decorating ideas from Pottery Barn.  Keep reading to check out these Pottery Barn ideas to breathe new life into  apartment bathroom décor.


Water, heat, humidity: Wall art, especially valuable or one-of-a-kind pieces such as paintings and photographs, aren’t always the best choice for a bathroom, but that doesn’t mean you have to leave your walls bare. Make use of your vertical space with shelves to increase valuable storage space and create opportunities to display your treasures. You can create little vignettes on each shelf, blending useful objects such as prettily packaged makeup or perfume with decorative items such as small sculptures or vintage cosmetics. You can also opt for the clean lines and calming aesthetic by keeping it all concealed in lined baskets.

If you want to use the shelves for storage without sacrificing aesthetics, choose an attractive shelving unit and some attractive containers to make a statement and stay organized. Our bath accessories include colorful canisters, wooden cosmetics organizers and mirrored trays – all of which can be used to create moments of visual interest on your bathroom walls.

For bathrooms that feel a bit too dark or those that are on the smaller side, consider using light-reflecting surfaces on your walls to brighten things up and create the illusion of extra space. Decorative mirrors with faceted or multi-paned surfaces are a great choice. You can also pick from a selection of antique-inspired wall mirrors in classic silhouettes to give your bathroom a little vintage flair. Even if your bathroom already has a large vanity mirror or mirrored medicine cabinet over the sink, adding mirrors to other parts of the room will help reflect more light into the room and enliven the space.

It’s all about the details: carry your style through the room and treat your bathroom towels as an extra opportunity to make a statement.  Pick out some pretty printed towels or bright solid colors that match with your bathroom’s overall design scheme and store them on a set of sleek towel rods and rings. This is a practical way to maximize your bathroom’s aesthetic quality without ignoring usable space in a smaller bathroom. Plus, you can mix and match your towels to keep things interesting throughout the week.

In the end, remember that your bathroom doesn’t have to be heavily decorated or cost a fortune to function well.

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