Places You Shouldn’t Ignore When Cleaning Your Apartment After The Holidays


If your apartment home is starting to feel less than fresh after the holiday decorations come down. Take a few extra minutes and check the places you probably missed on your last cleaning binge; along with some top tips on getting them super clean!


  1. Light Fixtures: Over time, they’ll accumulate not only dust, but cobwebs and what an old guy I used to know called “wuzbugs” … as in, “they was bugs, but now they’re not.” Turn off the light and allow the bulb to cool fully before dusting. Carefully remove glass shades or globes, give them a gentle wash in warm, soapy water then return them just as carefully.


  1. Windows and window treatments: Whether they’ll admit it or not, nobody really washes their windows anymore; but you’ll be amazed at what a little old-fashioned window washing will do for the light in your apartment. Whether you go all out with soapy water or just give them a good spritz with window cleaner and a wipe down with a lint-free rag, you’ll be doing your apartment a huge favor. Don’t forget the windowsills, too! Shake the dust gently out of draperies—wash them appropriately if possible; and don’t forget to dust the blinds or shades (a Swiffer duster is a fantastic shade and blind-dusting tool).


  1. Doors and molding: Give them all the white glove treatment … this includes dusting door fronts and backs (closets and cabinets), all around apartment door frames, crown moldings and baseboards. Wipe them all clean with a damp cloth; and once clean and dry, go over them all with a fresh dryer sheet. The fabric softener in the dryer sheets will slightly coat the surfaces, making it harder for dust to stick and therefore easier for you to clean the next time around; and they’ll also leave your whole apartment smelling clean and fresh!


  1. Ceiling Fans: Slip an old, clean pillowcase over each blade one at a time, holding it around the “neck” of the pillowcase while you pull it outward and off of the blade, removing all of the dust and keeping it inside of the case. Bingo! Clean blades, without raining dust down onto your floor or bed!


  1. Pantry and Cabinet Shelves: Empty your cabinets and pantry, dusting each item before you place it on the counter or table. Remove any old shelf paper and wipe down all the shelves with a damp cloth until they’re clean. Replace the old shelf paper with fresh stuff before returning items to their place.


  1. Your Refrigerator: I’m amazed by how many people think cleaning out their refrigerator only involves throwing away old or expired food. The inside of your fridge and freezer can get as dirty—and stinky—as any other often-used space in your house; so it needs regular sanitizing, too! After emptying the fridge and freezer of everything including food, shelves, drawers and compartments (place food items in an ice chest while you work to keep them cool and fresh), wipe down all interior surfaces of your fridge and freezer until they’re clean. Remember, your refrigerator is an electric appliance, so a simple damp wipe-down of the base unit is best … save the deep cleaning for the removable, non-electric shelves, compartments and bins. Smaller compartment pieces can be washed in the dishwasher and larger shelves and drawers can be placed in the bathtub for a good soapy wash and rinse. Transport glass shelves to and from the washtub by wrapping them in a large, soft towel for easier handling. Rinse and replace all components carefully.


Add these extra, deep-cleaning tricks to your routine, and enjoy a super-fresh, super clean apartment!





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